Conferentie ‘Buddhist Therapy from Mindfulness to Heartfulness’

8 – 10 september 2017, Drongen (B)

The conference 'Buddhist Therapy: from Mindfulness to Heartfulness' is hosted by the International Zen Therapy Institute (ITZI) and takes place 8th – 10th September 2017 in Drongen, Belgium. You can also come for single days.
The organisers of the conference say: "The theme is not narrowly about psychotherapy or Buddhism or mindfulness but is directed towards exploring the creative interplay between all these fields and reaching beyond them."

We have an exciting list of speakers from a range of disciplines, including Buddhist teachers, psychotherapists, fascia therapists and other practioners, as well as mindfulness facilitators.
ITZI is at the forefront of exploring the field of compassionate action through therapeutic practice and engaged Buddhism."

Workshop titels en sprekers

  • Psychotherapy as Buddhist Vocation
    Katrien Sercu (Gestalt therapist)
  • Can there be mindfulness without heartfulness?
    Edel Maex (psychiatrist, Zen Buddhist and mindfulness teacher)
  • The body as the way to heartfulness
    Paul Sercu (Principal of the Fascia College)
  • Ichinen Sanzen theory and Internal Family Systems Theory
    Ryusho Jeffers & Myokei Caine-Barrett (Nichiren Buddhist Chaplains)
  • Integrating Buddhist psychology, Ericksonian therapy and Art-therapy in clinical practice evoking fertility
    Elena Barakhova (psycho-, art & hypnotherapist)
  • Living from Compassion - Bert Steiners (Gestalt therapist and coach)
  • Big Mind-Big Heart, embracing it all
    Irène Bakker, Zen priest/Zen teacher, Systems therapist & mindfulness trainer
  • My path from Western to Buddhist therapy
    Xavier Vandeputte (Therapist, writer & meditation teacher)
  • From Inner Peace to Outer Peace
    Iris Dolan Katz (Zen Peacemaker & psychologist)
  • Heartfulness and High Sensitivity
    Wendi Winnelinckx (Creative therapist and mindfulness trainer)
  • Meditation Initiated Integrative Therapy
    Caifang Zhu (co-founder of Beijing Meditation and Counseling Center)
  • Vajra Technique (Psychoneuronal Reintegration)
    Dr. Ortwin L├╝ers (psychiatrist and cognitive- behavioral therapist)

  • Organisatie
    More details can be found on the website:
    Drongen (bij Gent, Belgie)
    8 – 10 september 2017
    Opgave / info
    Please do follow the link: to book your place
    Please also feel free to contact Jnanamati if you have any further questions.